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Darius Mood shot
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About Darius

Excerpt of an interview with the RIVERSIDE MAGAZINE:


Describe yourself briefly

I am a Frankfurt based jazz Saxophonist. I’m trying to use my ability to create and share music to experience as many places, feelings and ideas as the world of music and art is going to provide me with in exchange for engaging in the culture.

How did your passion for music start?
Especially for sax?

 I fell in love with the expression of black music culture early on in my life. Especially the freedom and colorfulness of jazz installed an urge in me to understand how to generate this kind of energy. The sound of the saxophone caught my attention through a record I found in my parents collection and I was blessed to find a teacher who was able to show me how to connect to that feeling I was chasing.


What do you feel while playing sax?

 Through music i feel like can share the silhouette of my emotions, deeply personal yet still anonymous. In a language that can’t be limited by Social Identity I can capture a pure human sentiment and paint it out in all the colors i’ve learned to envision. It feels like the summation of sounds/energies that fill up a room and in reaction with the other musicians who are doing same makes you part of something that’s beautiful and pure beyond words. 


Do you have any ongoing projects and what can you tell us about them?

I am lucky to have encountered many different people in the world of music with very different stylistic backgrounds. As with most jazz musicians I’m playing in a lot of different settings and I’m always looking for opportunities to create something. A couple of projects that are very dear to me are „Discovery Collective“ and „Quartertone“ where I’m both involved in the writing and performance of the music as well as „Eeden“ and „Finn Seemannquintett“ where I’m playing as a side man. Last but certainly not least the “Riverside Collective” which I would describe as a movement with a mindset in which all people involved enter to use what ever form of creative they are able to channel to create color and life for the city.



What does a normal day for you look like?

A big part of being a working musician is traveling to different places to be able to experience a lot of different settings and people. I find myself sitting in the train a lot. The context of my everyday life depends on where I am at a particular day. It’s important to me that I spend enough time on my music, so practice usually takes up the majority of my free time. But I try to enjoy every day life in the small moments in between and try to enjoy whatever that moment has to offer.



Quote that means a lot to me

 “It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.”

Miles Davis

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